Our Generational Cake Connection

Meet our Cake Decorating Family!

I have been around the wedding cake business all my life! I was raised and taught by a mother who made wedding cakes and learned to love the art at a very young age. When she decided to retire, I took over and made it my own small home business. I love being able to work at home where I can be a mom and the boss of Kiss Me Cake.

My mother learned the art of cake decorating from her aunt, and her aunt learned from her mother, so I guess you could say cake decorating is in my blood.


As a very young girl, I would sit and watch my mom and great aunt make and decorate wedding cakes while I would practice on the side of a cake pan. There were always cake crumbs and icing in the kitchen!


As I got older and learned the skill better, I would help more and more which turned into a part time job and eventually led to taking over the business. I now run Kiss Me Cake out of my home.


I love the creation side of cakes and what you can do with your imagination and most of all, I love seeing the bride's face when she sees her cake and knows it's exactly what she wanted! At Kiss Me Cake, dreams really do come true!

My mother, Luan Hixson, working with my great aunt Mary Ila.

One of my mother's cakes. 

My great aunt Mary Ila. 

My great grandma Janet "Net" Hale Anderson

One of my mother's cakes. 

My mother decorating a cake. 

One of Mary Ila's cakes. 

The five generations of cake decorators: Janet Hale (in picture), Mary Ila Flinders, Luan Hixson, Brenda Francis and Jessica Garlick. 

Fun Facts about Brenda and Jessica


Favorite cake flavor?

CHOCOLATE, but then I think the raspberry swirl is really good! Oh and the buttermilk yellow is yummy too!

Fondant or Buttercream?

It depends on the style of decor? I like working with both! But I don't like to eat either. I've been around it my entire life! 

Favorite filling?


What was your favorite cake you've ever made?

I don't know because every time I make a cake, that becomes my new favorite cake. The most recent was the sculpted birds with branches and flowers!


Favorite cake flavor?

Probably chocolate.

Fondant or Buttercream?

Buttercream all the way.

Favorite filling?


What was your favorite cake you've ever made?

Oh I don't know! Probably all the different Disney Princess cakes. 

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